Why Are 360 VR Hotel Videos Becoming So Popular?

Virtual reality has the power to transport people from one exotic place to another and this is the reason why the hotel industry is increasingly using VR and 360 videos for promoting their brand. A 360 video invites people into a scene and offers them an accurate picture of where they will be staying. This […]

Reasons Why Hotels Need a Video Marketing Agency

Focus on quality High-quality videos tend to attract more viewers than low-quality images. The fact is if your hotel video looks like it has been created by an amateur, the chances of room bookings will be much less. By creating a high-quality video, you will get the best possible returns on your investment. If your […]

Why Need Video Marketing?

People retain 10% of the information they read because reading only stimulates the visual sense. Also, the chances of someone reading the text on your website is 20%. Convert readers into viewers with a video – 80% of visitors will watch a video on a website. When crafted well, video can stimulate both the auditory […]