Focus on quality

High-quality videos tend to attract more viewers than low-quality images. The fact is if your hotel video looks like it has been created by an amateur, the chances of room bookings will be much less. By creating a high-quality video, you will get the best possible returns on your investment. If your video doesn’t quickly or effectively address the needs of the guests through quality pictures, they will simply move on to another property and your video will be forgotten in seconds.

Wow Your Audience with a Great Intro

The hotel industry relies on effective videos to promote their services to prospective customers on the Web. A brief intro is the most essential part of your video as you will want to capture your viewers’ attention from the second they watch it. Remember to keep your intro direct and short.

Make Your Videos Stand Out

If you want to create a unique video, you must first highlight all the unique features of your hotel. Your business has a rich story behind it and you must emit this through your video.

Add Value to Your Video

Adding value to your hotel video doesn’t mean creating a sales pitch that’s all about your brand. You should think of video marketing as an opportunity for adding value at every stage of the potential customer’s online journey. While you might think that it’s easy to produce a great hotel marketing video without much pre-planning, in reality, you could end up with a low-quality content that will only harm your brand. It is, therefore, important to start with a script to keep your filming crew on track and your viewers engaged.

Share Your Video With Your Audience

Another important tip for your video marketing campaign is that you must enable your video to be shared on your other social media channels. This will help spread the video from one platform to another and reach a wider audience. YouTube is one of the most important social media sites since millions of people use this platform to watch videos every month. You need to include a link to your website on your YouTube video so your audience can visit your homepage after watching your video. Remember to use 360-degree shots of the hotel’s rooms and facilities as customers will get a closer look at the hotel and will feel comfortable staying there.

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