Virtual reality has the power to transport people from one exotic place to another and this is the reason why the hotel industry is increasingly using VR and 360 videos for promoting their brand. A 360 video invites people into a scene and offers them an accurate picture of where they will be staying. This makes the hotel guests feel more comfortable placing their trust in that hotel and the chances of booking a room will be greater.
Tourists interact with video content on just about every touch-point with the hotel. In a comprehensive study, Google discovered that 56 percent of business travellers and 35 percent of people who travelled for pleasure interacted with hospitality-related videos. The good thing is that potential guests watch videos in almost every phase of their decision-making process. More specifically:
• 66 percent of people watch travel-related videos when trying to decide whether to take a trip or not.
• 52 percent check out videos when thinking about which type of trip they would want to take.
• 63 percent of travellers watched videos when researching tips, activities, attractions and things to see and do in their destinations. Even before that, 65 percent watched videos when choosing where to go.
• Ultimately, 54 percent of travellers check out videos before deciding which hotel to stay at.
However, you look at it, video marketing is a Holy Grail channel that allows hotel marketers to engage the vast majority of guests throughout their decision-making process.
Success with video marketing lies in quality, engagement level, and relevance. Hotels need to leverage the right video marketing tools.

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