People retain 10% of the information they read because reading only stimulates the visual sense. Also, the chances of someone reading the text on your website is 20%. Convert readers into viewers with a video – 80% of visitors will watch a video on a website. When crafted well, video can stimulate both the auditory and visual senses simultaneously, therefore increasing the viewer’s information retention by 58%.
A well-made video can be an effective way to welcome people to your website and help them navigate their way around, whilst also helping to raise your Google profile and attract more visitors to your site. We believe that video is not only the present but, critically, the future too. A well-constructed video allows your customers true insight into your world, opens the door, and offers transparency and trust – all within a couple of minutes viewing.
A survey on video marketing trends discovered: 
• 93% of marketing professionals used online video in 2013 for marketing & communications
• 70% are optimizing video for SEO
• 82% said that video marketing has had a positive impact on their business.

• Increase your sales
• Improve your online engagement
• Communicate your message
• Raise your brand awareness
• Deliver more visitors to your website
• Searchable on Google & YouTube
• It’s shared more than any other source of online content
• Video appeals to mobile users on the go

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